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Life Moves Pretty Fast …

Life Lessons

I started this post yesterday morning, but I was too in shock to finish it until today. Yesterday I had a meeting with a coworker and friend to work on a welcome letter for new mothers returning to work, inviting them to use our lactation services and private rooms. We talked for about an hour, then I went home to let Dexter out and start dinner. Last night, she and her husband were in a horrific car crash and her

[VIDEO] Why Make Your Own Salad Dressing?

homemade salad dressing

What would you do if you found out that your efforts to improve your health were actually sabotaging it instead? Would you want to know some simple kitchen hacks to right the wrongs? You’d be surprised at the hidden ingredients lurking in of some of the staple foods in your kitchen right now — foods you thought were contributing to your healthy diet. Raise your hand if you consider salad a “health food.” As the wellness program manager of a large hospital, people always

Breakfast on-the-go: Easy Veggie Frittata Recipe


About mid-trip during our vacation to Canada, we had access to a kitchen. After almost 5 days of not cooking, I was excited to make food for my husband and myself. We’d climbed hard that afternoon, and after getting off my last route for the day, I wasn’t sure I’d even be able to stand up and hold a spatula, but by the time we picked out or feast at the grocery store, I had regained some steam and was

3 Lessons I Learned in Squamish

Lessons learned

Well, you might be interested in knowing how the trip to Squamish went after my post last Friday. I was struggling with the idea of not loving climbing as much as I did when I first started a few years back, mostly due to an increasing fear factor while doing it. I can’t really explain logically why I’ve been facing more fear while climbing lately. Fear in climbing (and in general) isn’t linear – you don’t start at 100 and then