Time to Unplug: Why Downtime Makes You More Creative

Are you someone who gets really great thinking done in the shower? Did your last great idea come to you when you were scrubbing your belly or rinsing your hair? Or maybe you like to sing in there — or even zone out completely, losing time as the steam rises. Either way, don’t you just […]

A Rolled Lunch: Paleo Burritos and Easy Lunch Ideas

There aren’t a ton of great lunch options in the neighborhood where I work, so I tend to make my lunch on most days. Buying lunch out at a restaurant every day can get both expensive and unhealthy pretty quickly, so I tend to keep it pretty reined in. Making my lunch also allots me my […]

Pesto Green Beans with Shrimp [RECIPE VIDEO]

It’s hard to believe, but the beans in this dish started out purple. I’m calling it a green bean dish because it’s much easier to find green beans than purple ones, but I feel compelled to tell you that these beans started out purple! I’d seen online that purple beans do turn green when you […]

The Best “Cheezy” Popcorn [RECIPE]

To be perfectly honest, I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for almost three years and not shared this vegan “Cheezy” Popcorn recipe yet. The nuts and bolts of this recipe take me waaaaay back to my days of doing demos at Whole Foods Market as the Supplement Specialist on the Whole Body team. If you’ve […]

Make your Basil Plant Last Longer with this Gardening Tip

Italian Sweet Basil is one of those herbs that I find a little fussy. It’s taken a couple of years and probably eight different attempts with at least eight different plants stalling out at various stages of disappointing size (in the front, side AND back yard) to finally find some spots on our property where it likes to grow. I was […]

Indie Chocolatier Gives Willy Wonka a Run for his Money with Gracias Chocolate [GIVEAWAY]

Warning: This is a post about chocolate and I am obsessed with the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder. Expect random references to and quotes from this movie throughout this post. Sorry, it couldn’t be helped. Who doesn’t love chocolate? I mean, I suppose there are some people who don’t love chocolate, but there’s something […]

Collard Beans: A Happy CWB Gardening Experiment

OK, so this post is more of a story than a recipe. And the reason for that is because you have to be a gardener (or know one) to get your hands on the raw ingredients for what I’m about to share. If you’ve grown kale, broccoli, collards, or cauliflower and let them go all […]

Anti-GMO is not Anti-Science

I’ve got another guest post for you today! I don’t do guest posts that often, but when a topic as fraught as this one is covered in such a well-researched and thoughtful way, I want to share it. I’ve personally been steering clear of the topic of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) over the life of […]

The Most Amazing Organic Gardening Hack Ever [SLUG CONTROL]

Having only been gardening for a little over two years at this point — this is my third spring of playing in the dirt — I’m still amazed to find out some of the incredible gardening hacks people use to keep their veggies safe from pests. The gardening hack I’m about to share today is the […]

Brined Citrus Kale Salad [RECIPE]

Kale has spent a lot of time in the lime light over the last few years. Hailed as a “superfood,” a magical smoothie ingredient, a new salad green, and the answer to all of life’s problems, kale really has a lot to live up to! Random fact: Before the surge of good press for kale […]

Resetting My Sleep Cycle with MindBody Sessions

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. I’ve allowed a coffee habit to creep back into my life over the last two weeks or so, and yesterday was the first day I started to tamp it back down with diluted black tea. No headache yet, so I think […]

CWB-Style Carduni Fritti (Baked not “Fried” Cardoons) [RECIPE]

Born in Texas to a Sicilian-American family, my appreciation for both fried food and traditional Italian cuisine has been imprinted into my DNA. While my family has been American-born for many generations, the old-world roots remain strong and have integrated nicely with Texan culture. With family recipes passed down in hand-written cookbooks, both old-world and […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid in the Kitchen: Cooking 101

Sometimes we need more than just a good idea to make something awesome in the kitchen. Simple skills like grilling, sautéing, braising, and roasting can go a long way if you know what you’re doing. But if you don’t, or you rely on techniques you perceive to be “healthier” or “easier” (read STEAMING!), you run […]

Paleo Breakfast Tacos [RECIPE]

My recent visit to Austin reminded me just how much I appreciate a good breakfast taco. Here in California, it’s all about the breakfast burrito, and honestly, burritos aren’t my thing. I’ve never seen a giant gluten-free tortilla that didn’t break (or one that tasted great), so I couldn’t eat them even if I liked them, but really they’re just […]

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