Organic vs Whole Foods: What’s Healthy?

I’m planning to start an FAQ page for all the awesome questions I get from my readers and fans, but in the meantime, they’re fantastic fodder for new posts! As soon as I get time  to organize my questions and answers in a way that makes sense, I’ll get that FAQ page started. I know lots of […]

Starting from Seed: 5 Lessons Learned from My First Garden

This year, I decided to start as many plants from seed (rather than seedlings) as possible. It’s not only less expensive to start this way, it’s also more exciting — and more work if you plan to start your seeds inside. Last year, we did a combination of both and had great successes and utter failures. […]

Losing Lisa

My cousin Lisa died suddenly on Sunday. She was my Godfather’s youngest daughter, my first cousin in my close-knit Italian family. She was 27 years old.  I wish I had the words to express the emotions welling up inside me, but there aren’t adequate words for something so tragic. For such a beautiful soul to die […]

Simplify Your Skincare: Double Cleansing with Botanic Organic [GIVEAWAY]

How do you choose your skincare products? In the sea of choices on the shelves at Ulta or even Walgreens, where do you begin?? How do you know what will work for you, what could irritate, what could trigger a breakout, what could be too drying, too oily, what could be the magic elixer? This is a […]

Mexican Stuffed Acorn Squash [RECIPE]

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a beautiful kitchen hack for preparing winter squash. For those of you who missed my post on this ground-breaking topic, the secret is … wait for it! … putting the whole thing in the oven uncut, unpeeled, un-punctured, and roasting it on 375-400 for 30 to 45 minutes. […]

A New Look at those 10 Vanity Pounds

Oh vanity — we all have a little bit, right? We all want to look our best at least some of the time, don’t we? I’ll admit that the beginning of my journey into the health and wellness field was fueled by equal parts vanity and curiosity. I wanted to know why I ate better food […]

Pesto-Making 101: The Formula for Greatness

I’ve been putting off sharing a pesto recipe forever, thinking that I’d do it in the form of a video as part of my “Why Make Your Own” video series (of which there are exactly two videos so far! Videos take a long time to put together!) It’s been too long, and I don’t see a video […]

The Dish on Muffin Revolution [Interview]

Meandering through the aisles of Whole Foods Market recently, I was THRILLED to see a Muffin Revolution demo happening in the freezer section. I’ve been trying to replicate my favorite muffin of theirs for quite some time, and this was my chance to beg them to share their secrets. What’s Muffin Revolution, you ask? It’s […]

The Perfect Zucchini Lasagna

This recipe was many iterations in the making in the CWB kitchen. I tried a version of it that ended up too “crunchy” with slightly under-cooked zucchini, and one with vegan cheese (the cashew cream from this recipe minus the fresh herbs). I’ve seen many versions of it online, most of them stuffed with what […]

Celery Root Soup with Fried Sage [RECIPE]

I’ve been sick twice in the last month (including right this moment), and I’m super bummed about it. After starting my bone broth regimen in January of last year, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been sick, and two of them just happened this month (the other two were horrific food […]

Reconnecting with the Present Moment While Appreciating the Past

It’s been a while since I reflected on the relationships in my life and the value they bring to me and my wellbeing. And in my quest for mindfulness and conscious presence in the life laid before me, I think now is as good a time as any for some reflection. I grew up in Houston, […]

Lamb-stuffed Whole Roasted Acorn Squash [Recipe] [Kitchen Hack]

As you might know from previous posts, I love a good winter squash recipe. My best friend in high school had a gourmet chef for a mother, and she would make butternut squash soup with sage and heavy cream — I’d sneak seconds out of the fridge when I’d go over there for dinner. And […]

Roasted Curry Carrots and Fennel [RECIPE]

I’ve decided that I need two ovens, because I love roasting things so much. Doubtful that will happen in my tiny kitchen any time soon, but a girl can dream right? I’ve sung my praises of roasting many times, but I have to say that lately I’m loving it more than ever. I want to roast […]

Why Gut Health Matters: Illustrated [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is the last segment of the Why Gut Health Matters series, but today I’m not sharing new information with you; I’m simply sharing it all in a different way — a shareable way! While 6-weeks of blog posts couldn’t possibly cover every detail of how the gut affects the other systems of the body, I feel […]

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