Dairy-Free Persimmon Pudding [Recipe]

This simple persimmon pudding recipe is the result of a desire not to waste one totally overripe persimmon a friend gave me from her tree. I’m not a huge fan of persimmons, but Loren loves them, so I took a few home for him. He ate a couple and then left one lonely fruit sitting on the counter until […]

Listening to Your Body

Sometimes life throws a little curve ball and derails your plans for a while.  I’d been experiencing some pain in my right wrist a few weeks before our big climbing trip to Red Rocks Canyon for Thanksgiving, and of course I climbed on it anyway for 3 days outside. Then when we returned home, I continued to […]

Flourless Rum Balls – A Healthy Holiday Treat [Recipe]

Can you tell based on recent posts that I love the holiday season?  I don’t mean the over-commercialized, Black Friday (and now starting to be Thursday too!), tree-up-after-Halloween holiday season, I just mean the joy and cheer of this time of year. I love that people feel more motivated to do charity around the holidays; I love […]

Foraging for Holiday Cheer – Decorating with Nature and Found Objects

This year marks the third holiday season that we’re in our new little house. We moved in November two years ago, so the holiday cheer was relatively muted due to our need to acquire furniture and other more vital household items. We did not skip the wreath, however, and ever since then in the tradition of […]

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