Harvesting Seeds for Next Year

I recently learned that when you harvest seeds from the healthiest plants in your garden to plant the next year, you’re setting yourself up for a tremendous likelihood of success. Some say that plants grown from seeds you grew are even more likely to prosper than the seeds you buy in the store! Why is this? Plants […]

Maple Pear Skillet Dessert with Homemade Whipped Cream [RECIPE]

By now you probably know how much I love maple syrup. I use it to sweeten most things that need sweetening — coffee, the occasional homemade cocktail, baked goods, and most definitely skillet desserts. This recipe might be simple, but rest assured, it’s absolutely delicious — perfect for a night in with the hubby or […]

Handmade Gift Ideas for the Gift-Giving Season and Beyond

I made a deal with myself that I was not going to let this holiday season sneak up on me again. I was going to get everything done far in advance and sit back while everyone else scrambles. Last year, I’d wanted to do all homemade gifts for Christmas, and I failed miserably (well, I […]

Debunking PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

My PCOS Diagnosis I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) back in the late 90s, and the doctor told me that I should go on the South Beach Diet for the rest of my life. I was in my late teens, an athlete, very muscular, and a voracious eater, and I was most definitely not […]

A Complete Toolbox for Becoming Your Best Self

The Weight Obsession As a culture, we’re so obsessed with losing weight (especially women) that thinness has become synonymous with health. I want to reframe this conversation and emphasize that there’s a difference between being skinny and being healthy, and sometimes you can’t tell from the number on the scale just how healthy (or unhealthy) you […]

Back from Vacation with Something Exciting to Share!

I just got home from an eventful 10-day vacation that started in Texas and ended in Maine. With two back to back wedding weekends and a short New Hampshire climbing trip in between, we had a jam-packed time. I wish we could have had a bit more relaxing mixed into this whirlwind trip, but to be honest, […]

Flashback: Fancy Dessert Made Easy – Sweet Plantain Custard [RECIPE]

Today’s plantain custard recipe is more of an amalgam than a flashback, although it’s most definitely inspired by a Panamanian adventure. About 4 years ago, Loren and I went on a vacation to Panama. We landed in Panama City and drove across the whole country, stopping along the way in a beach town, a mountain town, […]

Summer Travel Skin Care Made Easy with Botanic Organic

Traveling can really mess up a daily skin care routine, can’t it? At least my kind of travel does: sleeping in the back of our camper van in the woods with no running water or amenities. Missing out on warm running water can put a minor crimp in my regimen — have you ever tried to […]

Why Soylent 2.0 is All Hype

Ok folks, I’ve been seeing ads and news stories all over the interwebs for this product Soylent 2.0, and I’m feeling the need to weigh in and set a few things straight about this product. Set up all sleek in a white recyclable plastic bottle, this thing promises to be the ultimate nutrition for Silicon […]

Watermelon and Corn Salad: The Ultimate Summer Salad

I’ve cracked the code to the Ultimate Summer Salad! This watermelon salad concoction is hydrating, cooling, satisfying, detoxifying, and even filling. It’s a great addition to any summertime shindig OR an awesome thing to have in your fridge all week and eat all by yourself. It features watermelon and corn, both summertime favorites, but you might […]

Why We Sleep: Top 10 Tips for Getting a Great Night’s Sleep

Follow my blog with Bloglovin In the third and final installment of my series on sleep called Why We Sleep, I’m going to share the Top 10 Tips for Getting a Great Night’s Sleep. This list of sleep tips is compiled from information all over the web and in the literature, including the podcast I […]

Why We Sleep: What Really Happens When We Sleep?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last week I released part 1 in a series called Why We Sleep that will run through this week and into next week. Today we’ll cover what happens when we sleep and discuss some misconceptions, and next Wednesday, we’ll wrap up with a complete list of awesome sleep hygiene tips I know you’ll find super helpful.  […]

Why We Sleep: 8 Reasons to Get 8 Hours

“Somewhere between infancy and even childhood now, we abandoned the notion that sufficient sleep is necessary.” – Matt Walker, Principal Investigator at UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab How do you decide how much sleep you need? Is it really a decision, or is it more of a function of what your lifestyle allows? What if you can’t fall […]

Fruit Too Ripe to Eat? Make a Simple Skillet Dessert! [RECIPE]

Ever since I moved to the Bay Area and discovered the joys of a super fresh nectarine right off the tree, a sweetness I’d never tasted in a nectarine before, I became obsessed with stone fruit fresh from the local growers. I love summer in general, but the fact that it’s also stone fruit season takes […]

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