Buttery Sage Celery Root [Low-carb Recipe]

Garden Woes Sadly, I have to admit that the family garden isn’t all success stories. My attempt to start celeriac (aka celery root) from seed this spring was a total failure. I started them inside under lights, and they took forever to sprout (apparently that’s normal), and then they slowly putted along for a while, growing […]

Coconut Oil – Your Natural Goo Gone! [Remove Adhesive Residue]

This revolutionary new use for coconut oil will not fail to amaze you! I have shocked and awed a few of my climber buddies who have now incorporated coconut oil into their camping supplies just for the post-climbing clean up! I’ve been meaning to create a video for this for months, but finally after a […]

Sicola-Style Roasted Tomato Puttanesca Recipe

I don’t mean to mislead you into thinking this is a “Sicola family recipe” — it’s not. In fact, it’s my take on a recipe a friend shared with Loren over Facebook a few weeks back. I loved the idea of roasting tomatoes in the oven instead of making a stove top sauce like I […]

GIVEAWAY!! Garden of Life Raw Meal [Product Review]

I’m so excited to be doing my first official product review and giveaway with Garden of Life! I met some Garden of Life reps at this year’s BlogHer conference in San Jose, and I learned about their very generous product review program. In exchange for a little PR from bloggers, Garden of Life shares full-sized samples […]